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How to get to Lisbon

There are many ways to get to Lisbon and all of them are easy to use. The airport is located just a few minutes form the center of the city, stations with international rail links, various ports for cruise ships and excellent roads from various points north and south along the border.
    • Lisbon International Airport or Lisbon Portela Airport is Located 7 km from the center of the city (Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal).
    • It is the main getaway to Portugal and one of the largest airports in Southern Europe. The Airport handled over 30 million passengers in 2019.
    • The airport is distributed in two terminals
      • Terminal 1: is within the main building, it serves both arrivals and departures and it handles the international flights.
      • Terminal 2: is located to the south of T1, it only serves departures and it handles domestic flights.
    • There is a shuttle bus service operating between both terminals every day.
    • How to get to the airport
      • Public Transport
        • Underground Red Line
        • Bus lines: Aerobus1, aerobus2, routes 705, 722, 744, 783, and 208
      • Taxi
        • The average taxi fare from and to the airport is about 25€ although it may increase in the night and it takes about 20min without traffic.
        • Taxis in Lisbon are usually for 4 passengers, although taxi drivers may only take 3 passengers.
        • Taxis usually charge for extra baggage
      • Car
        • There are two types of car services in Lisbon: with private chauffeur and without private chauffeur.
    • The national and international trains arrive every day at Santa Apolónia Station, which is very close to all the traditional neighbourhoods and Terreiro do Paço.
    • There is also the option of arriving to Gare do Oriente, which offers a unique architectural experience, due to its Calatrava-designed lines.
    • The best ways to enter Lisbon are via the A1 and the A2, both have national and international connections along their course. Plus the landscape is beautiful and mobility around the region compensates the long hours of driving.
    • If you come by cruise ship, you can dock at Alcântara, Rocha Conde de Óbidos or Santa Apolónia. If you arrive by yacht, there are several marinas as you sail up the river

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