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Pre-Conference Workshops and Symposia

3 Parallel Sessions per time slot

Academic Workshop A: An academia/industry Xchange program for early career scientists, for the benefit of all – is the Frontiers vision feasible?
Organized by ESACT Frontiers Group
Academic Workshop B: Analytical strategies for improved product characterization and process understanding
Organized by ACTIP – Animal Cell technology Industrial Platform
Academic Workshop C: Single Cell Omics
Organized by Colin Clarke (NIBRT) and Antonio Roldão (iBET)
 10:30-12:00 sA. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Sartorius

sB. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Advanced Instruments LLC

sC. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Berkeley Lights

13:00 – 14:30
Academic Workshop D: Effective partnerships between Industry, Government, and academia on Bioprocess Development
Organized by Barry Buckland (UCL & BiologicB), Manuel Carrondo (iBET) and Carlos Guzman (HZI)
Academic Workshop E: Extracellular vesicles – from basic biology to production of EVs as novel therapeutics
Organized by Johannes Grillari (Boku) and Mario Gimona (Paracelsus Medical Univ Salzburg)
Academic Workshop F: How to develop perfusion processes?
Organized by Veronique Chotteau (AdBIOPRO & KTH) and Yvonne Genzel (Instituto Max Plank)
14:30 – 16:00 sD. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Cytiva

sE. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Merck

sF. Sponsored Symposium Organized by Bristol Myers Squibb

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