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  • The recommended poster size is 90 cm wide x 120 high.
  • A maximum size of 95 cm wide x 150 high will be possible.
  • Portrait shape.
  • To set up your slide size using Power Point just click on the tab “Design” choosing the option “Page Setup”. Then select “Slides Sized for”, and then “Custom”, choose “Portrait” and include the appropriate size.
  • We recommend a minimum font size of 24 points. Between 28 and 40 points is ideal to guarantee a good readability and enough space for your content.
  • Self-adhesive pads for posting will be offered by the Congress Secretariat.
  • Your poster should be fixed on the corresponding board on Monday 27th from 8:30AM, and at least before the first coffee break starts (10:30AM).
  • Your poster must be removed the last day of the Meeting, Wednesday 29th, from 14:00 and before 16:00h.
  • Authors are entitled to take down their own posters, on the contrary posters will be discarded.

    The posters will be displayed all time (from Monday 27 morning until Wednesday 29 Afternoon). In addition to that, presenters are expected to be in front of their posters during the corresponding session so delegates can approach you to ask questions or engage in discussion:


    • Posters with odd numbers will be presented on Monday 27th June from 14:30 to 16:00
    • Posters with even numbers will be presented on Tuesday 28th June from 14:30 to 16:00

Important dates

  • Late Registration
    May, 30th
  • From May 31st, 2022 and On-site
    increase in fees
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